About Us

We are Netfolios, a fintech company, providing cutting edge analytical tools to help global financial institutions decarbonise their investment portfolios. 


Recognising the urgency of climate change, our mission is to make sustainable investing simpler and easier for the investment community through our in-depth climate analytics and ratings platform. This will help power more informed decisions, decarbonise investment portfolios and shift global capital towards net-zero. 


We aim to be at the forefront of delivering quality climate data solutions for institutional investors, leading the financial sector towards a more sustainable future.  



Encourage diversity of personalities, cultures, sexual orientations, experiences


Communicating feedback transparently, constructively and in real-time


Working flexibly in the broadest sense (schedule, location, vacation, styles)


Promoting objective, fact-based and solution-oriented discussions

Founder of Netfolios
CEO & Founder

Justin Jeridi

Justin is the CEO and Founder of Netfolios, a fintech company specialising in climate data solutions for the financial sector. He is a financial analyst, an experienced entrepreneur, CFA charter holder and recipient of the Australian Global Talent Visa in FinTech.

Justin is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, and is ambitious about the opportunity to use data science to tackle the complex problem of shifting global capital towards net zero. 

Net Zero + Portfolios = Netfolios

We recognise the importance of data in daily portfolio decision making for institutional investors and we want to simplify that process for you. 

By partnering with us, we can help you assess and report your climate financial risk, to meet regulatory climate disclosures and decarbonise your portfolio.


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